Wednesday, October 04, 2023

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The name, We Gotta Travel, was the condition we both accepted whenever we talked about what we would do after we retired; whatever else happens, “we gotta travel.

The concept we have always adhered to for our business model is to provide a greater value for our clients without a greater cost. The travel marketplace is complicated, and some people get better deals than others; we make sure our clients get the best deals. We help them create a great vacation based upon their needs and wants, one that will produce fond memories long after. When we produce joy for the people we know, we produce joy for ourselves as well; that’s what it’s all about.


"I love baby bottoms, & hot stone massages, & herbal teas, & fields of flowers. Most of all, I love people who love people.”

I suppose you could say I’ve spent most of my life’s career involved in travel and transportation, finding the best ways to get from here to there. I have worked for several corporations and government entities including the county of Los Angeles, and the Walt Disney Corporation. Of late I have been dedicating my efforts exclusively to the vacation and tourism aspects of travel, which I find a lot more fun than trying to anticipate the needs of large corporations.

I know that travel can be complicated, and usually requires good planning to be successful; I enjoy helping people create successful vacations that will reside happily in their memories forever; I’m good at it. If their vacation happens without problems, and these memories make them smile, I’ve done my job; the only thing better is to do it again for someone else.



“I love to sing; I do it all the time. I get strange looks from many people, but that doesn’t bother me; what would bother me is if I couldn’t do it. I guess I’ll just have to keep on singing as long as I can; singing makes my blood flow.”

I’m “Big Bass Man” because I’m big, I sing the full range of the bass scale, and I’m a man. Singing is an integral part of who I am; I sometimes try the patience of other folks when, for no apparent reason, I will break out in song; I’m sure many people find it strange, to say the least. My friends tolerate me, and I love them for it; some of them have abnormalities, and I’m offered the chance to reciprocate on occasion.

I love to experience new places, and see things from different points of view. I find observing other cultures one of the most enlightening things one can do; there are ways to do things I would have never considered that may follow a logical pattern very different from the ones I have learned. People are creative and resourceful, and will amaze you, but you need to travel around a bit to truly appreciate this.