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Plan Extra Time

Posted on 7/23/2012 by Margaret Braunling

It's a shame to miss a great experience.

We recently took a cruise that started in Venice and ended in Civitavecchia (Rome). We were really excited,… at the thought of visiting all the wonderful ports-o-call; we would be quite busy seeing the sights in all the different place,… at the marvelous experiences, the people, the food,… just everything.

The smartest thing we did was give ourselves plenty of time to enjoy our arrival and departure cities. After all, Venice is an experience unlike any other place in the world; even though we gave it a good look-see, we still kinda wished we had devoted even more time to this marvelous city. Rome has so much rich culture, history, beauty, one has no chance of doing more than scratch the surface; we saw as many of the mandatory sights as our time would allow. The Vatican is something that a person needs to experience up close and personal; to spend time there is to become a changed person.

Our saving grace was Trevi Fountain; we tossed in our coins, and they stayed in the fountain; we’ll be going back. We were so happy to have had this time in these splendid cities.

If you ever find yourselves planning a cruise terminating in a “must see” city we recommend planning in some extra time to enjoy some of what that city offers, as well; it will be time well spent, and you won’t be wishing, later, that you had.


Opportunity to experience is precious.



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