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Sandals Whitehouse, For Lovers

Posted on 6/27/2012 by Margaret Braunling

Whitehouse Pier

Sandals Whitehouse Resort, on the southern coast of Jamaica is remote, pristine, and romantic. It is a great place for a couple to get away from the rest of the world, and concentrate on enjoying each other’s company.

Remote in the extreme, it is 90 minutes from Montego Bay over roads that ensure you really want to be there; the ride greatly heightens the pleasure of arriving. You are greeted with cocktails, smiles, moist towels, and plenty of folks wanting to get you settled in to enjoy your stay as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve put the road behind you, you’ll discover Whitehouse is a beautiful, well thought out resort dedicated to visual delights, easy access, and plenty to do; many guests opt to just kick back and relax; which is a popular way to spend some quality time. Every room has a view of the beach, although some have to look beyond the beautiful pool in order to see it. There are numerous activities involving water craft, snorkels, scuba equipment, and floatation devices; if you prefer a cool drink in the pool, you can swim right up to it; I recommend a local favorite known as the “dirty banana”, but the expert bartender will fix whatever you ask for.

The restaurants, of which there are seven, are fantastic, and varied in their cuisine. We especially liked the seafood restaurant where I tasted marlin for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on any menu in the states, but if you ever get the chance, I think you will enjoy it. There are parties every night, and the entertainment is top shelf; grab a cocktail or two, and dance, or listen, or participate, whatever floats your boat; remember, you aren’t driving anywhere.

One last thing: when you find yourself back at the reception area, you may notice all the people who are departing Sandals Whitehouse are grinning from ear to ear.